I'm brett

Just another thinkboi with a minimalist personal site.

I build

I'm the cofounder of Launch House, a community for founders and creators.

I write

I write a very occasional newsletter called Social Studies.

I make music

I've been writing, producing, and mixing music as Monte Del Monte for over a decade.


I was a PM at Clearbit and Google, co-created Accenture Ventures, and did M&A strategy at Google. I also taught music to kids in refugee camp, was a Computational Cognitive Science researcher at UC Berkeley, and was BTC class of 2014, ETH class of 2015.

I like

Working in cafes, Ableton wizardry, niche indie electronic music (see Discover Weekly), Japan, Germany, cognitive linguistics, the vaporwave aesthetic, swing dancing and sushi.

I believe

Graph theory, game theory, and group psychology can be used to understand just about everything (in the world and in business). Everything is fractal.


The bird app is probably the best place to get a hold of me, but you can also send me a long-form private tweet at brett at launchhouse dot co or crypto at brettg dot eth.


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